Thomas Anzeray, Milosh

Chris Lewis London smChris Lewis started his music and stage career with various local bands. He was signed to Charisma Records and co-wrote with Robert John Godfrey (The Enid) on a symphonic rock album 'Fall of Hyperion' (released on the Charisma label). In the making of this album he worked alongside the talents of, among others, the guitarist Jim Scott (The Pretenders) and percussionist Tristram Fry. His vocals are featured on a track called 'Hyperion' on an Enid Album called 'The Stand'. He continued his song writing and was later signed to Humber records. At present he performs concert pieces ranging from easy listening through rock to opera as well as his work with Caamora.  He joined the Caamora Theatre Company in 2011 as a chorus member and an understudy for one of the 'She' leading role of Holly. In February 2012 he featured as Holly in one of the Cheltenham shows performed at the Playhouse Theatre. Subsequently, he was cast in the role of Thomas Anzeray in Clive Nolan's 'Alchemy', which he masterly performed on a CD, during the world live premiere of the musical in Poland in February 2013 and subsequently at the Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre as well as in venues in Holland and the UK. In August 2014 he performed the roles of Thomas Anzeray and Milosh in the Off-West End production of 'Alchemy' that took place at the Jermyn Street Theatre in London. In 2016 he was cast as Edwin Deeks in Nolan's third musical 'King's Ransom'.




Thomas Anzeray: CD, DVD Katowice PL 2013, Cheltenham UK 2013, Stock UK 2013, Zoetermeer NL 2014, Wath UK 2014, London Off-West End UK 2014, Devizes UK 2014, Cheltenham UK 2015, Cheltenham UK 2017
Milosh: London Off-West End UK 2014, Devizes UK 2014, Cheltenham UK 2015, Cheltenham UK 2017