Caamora Theatre Company

Caamora Theatre Company is a British theatre group set to perform musicals by Clive Nolan, an acclaimed musician and composer known in the field of progressive rock for his work with bands like Arena, Shadowland, Pendragon. Now he has entered the world of musical theatre. Nolan is the author of 'She', 'Otra Vida', 'Alchemy' and many more.

CTC AboutAt present our main interest revolves around Clive's new musical project, "King's Ransom', scheduled to be released in early 2017. So far Clive Nolan has authored two musicals: "She" (2008) and "Alchemy" (2013). Both were released on CD and DVD and toured around the world, including theatres in Bolivia, Holland, Germany, Poland, France and the London off-West End.


Current Caamora Members

Clive Nolan, Ian Baldwin, Mark Westwood, Scott Higham, Kylan Amos, Claudio Momberg, Andy Sears, Victoria Bolley, Verity Smith, Gemma Louise Edwards, Agnieszka Swita, Chris Lewis, Ross Andrews, Robbie Gardner, Paul Manzi, Damian Wilson, Christopher Longman, Ollie West, Ron Milsom, Colin Greene, Caron Morgan, Natalie Barnett, Ethan Barnett, Graeme Bell, Alec Morris, Magdalena Grabias and more.




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